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Choir Retreat for the first time since COVID! Version 2.0 of Cultivating Competencies! Looking Through Hendrix Today App and Issues!

This past weekend there were a lot of things happening, so I wasn’t able to get too much done.


This week at Acxiom I was able to get a ton done, sort of. I was able to make huge changes to one of the billing pages I have been working on. These changes include separating out a table to make it less cluttered and implementing new values that it will be looking at. However, this past week and for the next couple of weeks we are going full force into email review, so it is all hands on deck, and I will likely not be able to do much developmental work during this time.

Cultivating Competencies

I went through and squashed bugs and formatting errors found during our last meeting. The main one to note here was to decrease the spacing between choices. Spacing was causing an error on the career competencies choice screen, so I reduced the spacing between all choices. I was going to only reduce it there, but I didn’t find much on that. If a solution for that arises it might be a good idea to only have it changed in this one area. Additionally, since we can view Cultivating Competencies on a browser again, I removed the download instructions from the itch page. These download descriptions have been moved into a Word document in the repository. Finally, I updated the version to v2.0!

Hendrix Today App

Not much to report here. I have started looking through the app to get myself up to speed on how it is organized. Additionally, I have made sure that I was able to build it onto the Pixel 6a phone provided for testing. This did take a while to do, because I kept running into issues. The phone was dead at first, then it needed to be updated. After this, my computer wasn’t connecting to to, however, this turned out to be a setting in the phone. Once I got everything fixed, it worked perfectly.

What’s Coming Up?

  • Continue working on a better landing page for this blog. (one day)
  • Change “Projects” page to be a portfolio.
  • Edit all the pages connected to the WIP landing page.


  • Choir Retreat
  • Acxiom BillingHelp Page Work
  • Cultivating Competencies:
    • Changed Choice Spacing
    • Moved Download Documentation to Repository
    • Updated to v2.0
  • Starting looking through Hendrix Today App
    • Made sure I was able to build it on the provided Pixel 6a
      • This took a while because of charging, updating, etc.