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This week I have been working hard to get my time management under wraps with the school year and have been working on blocking out my time again. There has been much done since my last blog post, but I will not spend too much time talking about that gap.

Over the summer, I helped out with Orientation again as an Orientation Leader, which was really fun, and I have been doing a ton of things with people!


At Acxiom I have been doing a lot of work on the website as well as writing instructions for our Git version control. We have been working to pair Git version control implementation to go along with one of our migrations, so that we get a small group into the flow of it while we prepare to have a larger meeting about how things will be done in the future. With the website I, again, have been doing a lot to improve it. I have been working to make a new Billing Helper page that will allow someone on our team to more easily see the numbers that they are billing for and then export it into a spreadsheet with ease! This has been helping her a lot already, and she has said that it has been saving her a ton of time. Now that this experimental version of the product is working well, I am working on improvements to it. I am hoping to separate out the table so that it doesn’t get cluttered. Everything done should be moved to a separate view, and everything ready to be invoiced should be in it’s own view. I am hoping to get a working version of this done by EOD, but that depends on if I run into any issues and if I get pulled into more email checking today.

Cultivating Competencies

In Cultivating Competencies this week I have been working on polishing it up. There were a lot of things that we could no longer have in our game, such as Company X to Company Zuaroz due to the rebranding of Twitter to X and the Hendrix Cats musical due to the sad situation that happened over the summer. I have also fixed some of the mistakes in the script such as Charlie’s pronouns and the Communications competency description. This game is being combed through so that we can do a final round of testing during our meeting today and release it to the freshmen in the coming weeks.

What’s Coming Up?

  • Continue working on a better landing page for this blog. (one day)
  • Change “Projects” page to be a portfolio.
  • Edit all the pages connected to the WIP landing page.


  • Orientation!
  • Acxiom website work
  • Acxiom Git work
  • Cultivating Competencies:
    • Rebranded Company X to Company Zuaroz
    • Replaced Hendrix Cats Scene
    • Fixed Charlie’s Pronouns
    • Fixed Communications Competency Description